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Happened Today in the Chess World - May 16, 2024


GM Cyril Marcelin - Source:

Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Cyril Marcelin, born in Suresnes, France, on May 16, 1979.
Learning the game at the age of seven, after some uncertain beginnings, Marcelin became a disciple of a trainer of absolute prestige like Iosif Dorfman, achieving the title of International Master in 1999 and Grandmaster in 2002.
Marcelin reached his peak rating in July 2007 with 2517 Elo points. He has defeated elite players such as Shirov, Bacrot, J. Van Foreest, Taimanov, and Korneev throughout his career.
His playing style leans more towards strategy than tactics.

Tal Baron (2467)-Cyril Marcelin (2488), French Team Championship 2013
Black to play


14...Bxa3 15.bxa3 Nc3 16.Qxg6 hxg6 17.Bc4 Ne2+ 18.Kh1 Kd7 0-1

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