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Welcome to Internet Chess Club


To participate in the referral program, you need an ICC account


Referring people to ICC is rewarding!  For every person you refer to ICC that purchases a membership,  you'll earn points, up to 810, which is $27 (30 points = $1) and will have the opportunity to convert the points to cash!   The referral system is sophisticated and puts you in charge!  You'll know at a glance what stage each referral is at, from signing up, to making a membership purchase.   In addition to referring a friend,  you can place a logo or banner on your site or blog and you will see when someone signs up and makes a membership purchase. 

Reward yourself!

You'll receive the following points for each referral that makes their first purchase of any ICC membership:

Membership purchased Points earned Dollars equivalent
1-month $9.95 45 $1.50
3-months $24.95 113 $3.77
6-months $39.95 180 $6.00
1-year $69.95 315 $10.50
2-years $124.95 563 $18.77
3-years $179.95 810 $27.00


ICC allows users to convert points to cash when point balances reaches 1500 points ($50).  Payments will be made via the referrers' Paypal accounts upon request. Payment will be in US dollars.

 Place a banner on your website or blog

Click HERE to download an ICC logo or banner for your website, blog, etc.

 Send an invitation with FaceBook, Twitter or email

In your MY REFERRALS area, you can send an invitation by Facebook, Twitter, and we'll even help you send invitiations by email!

 Sit back and watch the referrals roll in!

Referral program. Earn money playing chess

You'll instantly know when someone signs up on ICC and when they make a membership payment in your MY REFERRALS area!


Do I have to pay to join the referral program?
No, there are no set up charges: it's completely free.

What are the terms and conditions of becoming an ICC affiliate?
These are given in detail on the Terms and Conditions. In outline, we reserve the right to close a ICC Online account and refuse further payments if you promote ICC products on an unsuitable website, send out spam mail promoting ICC products or otherwise bring ICC into disrepute. You need to accept these Terms and Conditions in order to join the affiliate program.

How will I be paid and how often?
Via your Paypal account exclusively. When is up to you. But you do have to wait until your balance is equal or above 1500 ICC store points, at that point you can request the funds be transferred to your paypal account. The conversion is points/30 = dollars. For example, 1500/30 = $50.
To request payout of your balance, please email us at briansp(at)

Can I use my points towards items in the ICC store, like memberships or merchandise?
Yes, at an time!

How much will I earn per referral?
See the table above, the points/dollars earned are for each person you refer us that joins ICC and buys an ICC membership (any membership)

What about the old referral system of receiveing two free months?
The old referral system of receiveing two months is no longer in effect, we will only honor referrals via this new referral program described here.


Terms and Conditions

This program is intended only for new members, and not existing or prior members.

The only method for tracking referrals is via the ICC website referral program. Referrals coming from other sources will not be counted (word of mouth, phone calls, etc.)

ICC will only award reward points for membership purchases made from the ICC web store; membership purchases made via different payment methods (iTunes, check, etc.) will not be honored.

Prohibited Usage

Displaying the link on any site that, at our discretion, is judged offensive or likely to bring ICC into disrepute. Without limitation this includes sites which:

All rights reserved

ICC reserves the right to terminate an affiliate account at any time with immediate effect and not pay the commission if it's found that the affiliate is doing any of the Prohibited Usage. ICC reserves the right to change the rates or commissions and/or the products included in the scheme, although we will not do so without giving prior notice to existing referrers.