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Happened Today in the Chess World - May 26, 2024

Added on 05.26.2024

SALOV IN THE SUNSET GM Valery Salov - Photo by Rosa de las Nieves, "Jaque" magazine Today is Grandmaster Valery Salov's birthday. He was born in Wrocław, Poland, on May 26, 1964. Salov earned the title of International Master in 1984 and Grandmaster in 1986. In January 1995, Salov was ranked as the 3rd player in the world, tied with Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik, behind Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. He reached his peak Elo rating in October of the same year, with 2715...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 25, 2024

Added on 05.25.2024

THE INCREDIBLE HULAK GM Krunoslav Hulak - source: Today, we remember Grandmaster Krunoslav Hulak, born on May 25, 1951, in Osijek, eastern Croatia. Krunoslav was a "late bloomer." He took his initial steps in chess at the "Graničar" club in his hometown but was far from being considered a prodigy, a reflection of the times.  Everything changed for him in 1971 when he relocated to Zagreb and joined the "Mladost" club, where he would remain for the rest of his...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 24, 2024

Added on 05.24.2024

A VICTORY AGAINST KASPAROV Olympiad in Dubai 1986: GM Krum Georgiev - Photo: Caroline Winkler Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Krum Georgiev, born in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, on May 24, 1958. Krum became the Bulgarian Junior Champion in 1977 and tied for second place in the European Junior Championships in 1978. He competed in the Bulgarian National Championship twenty times, winning first place in 1979 but losing the playoff match against...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 23, 2024

Added on 05.23.2024

THE CANNIBAL GM Anatoly Karpov - Photo: B. Baranovsky / Novosti Press Source: Today is the birthday of former world champion Anatoly Karpov, born in Zlatoust in the Urals on May 23, 1951. Karpov, world champion from 1975 to 1985 and then for FIDE from 1993 to 1999, needs no further introduction. From 1974 to 1990, he was always in the world circuit, playing two matches against Korchnoi and even five (one of which was canceled) against Kasparov. Defeated in the...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 22, 2024

Added on 05.22.2024

GM WITH THE HAT GM Elshan Moradiabadi - Photo: Archiv Moradiabadi - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Elshan Moradiabadi, born in Tehran, Iran, on May 22, 1985. Elshan became the Iranian champion at sixteen and was the second player from his country to surpass the 2600 rating threshold, reaching an Elo rating of 2603 in March 2016. He has defeated players such as Mamedyarov, Malakhov, Eljanov, and Korobov throughout his career. Moradiabadi graduated in...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 21, 2024

Added on 05.21.2024

ALWAYS ON THE FOREFRONT Zagabria 2019: GM Zdenko Kozul - Source: Today is Grandmaster Zdenko Kozul's birthday, born on May 21, 1966, in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kozul is a two-time Yugoslavian champion and a two-time Croatian champion. In the 2004 FIDE World Championship, he stood out by eliminating players of the caliber of Mikhail Gurevich and Sergey Rublevsky before being eliminated by Veselin Topalov, the future world title winner. European champion in 2006, he has...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 20, 2024

Added on 05.20.2024

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN Max Euwe - source: Today, we remember former world champion Max Euwe, born in Watergraafsmeer, Netherlands, on May 20, 1901. Euwe won against Alekhine in 1935 and held the world title until the rematch in 1937. Euwe was a twelve-time Dutch champion (a record still unmatched) and won the Wijk aan Zee tournament four times. He participated in the Olympics seven times, from 1927 to 1962, earning an individual bronze on the first board in 1937. Euwe...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 19, 2024

Added on 05.19.2024

ARMENIAN CHAMPION GM Hovhannes Gabuzyan - source: Today is Grandmaster Hovhannes Gabuzyan's birthday. He was born in Yerevan, Armenia, on May 19, 1995. Gabuzyan won the Armenian Chess Championship in 2017 and 2021. He also won the U.S. Masters tournament and the Annual North American Open in 2019. The list of his chess achievements is quite impressive: 2010: Olympic Champion U-16 in the Armenia National team] 2011: Second in Armenia National team at U-16 World Youth Chess...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 18, 2024

Added on 05.18.2024

BOOKS AND WJIK AAN ZEE GM Gennadi Sosonko - source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Gennady Borisovich Sosonko, born in Troitsk, Russia, on May 18, 1943. Sosonko is a Dutch chess player of Russian origin. In 1972, he moved from the Soviet Union to the Netherlands. He earned the title of International Master in 1974 and Grandmaster in 1976. In 2004, FIDE also awarded him the title of "FIDE Senior Trainer." Sosonko has won the Dutch championship twice, in 1973 and 1978...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 17, 2024

Added on 05.17.2024

GM BY NAME AND DEED GM Goran M. Todorovic - source Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Goran M. Todorovic, born on May 17, 1963. Not to be confused with International Master Goran N. Todorovic, Goran M. won the Imperia Festival in Italy in 1986. He achieved his peak rating in January 2004 with 2548 Elo points. Primarily a tactical player, Todorovic won a blitz game against Carlsen and has defeated notable players such as Gligoric, Eljanov, Cheparinov, I. Sokolov, Kozul, and...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 16, 2024

Added on 05.16.2024

THE DORFMAN DISCIPLE GM Cyril Marcelin - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Cyril Marcelin, born in Suresnes, France, on May 16, 1979. Learning the game at the age of seven, after some uncertain beginnings, Marcelin became a disciple of a trainer of absolute prestige like Iosif Dorfman, achieving the title of International Master in 1999 and Grandmaster in 2002. Marcelin reached his peak rating in July 2007 with 2517 Elo points. He has defeated elite players...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 15, 2024

Added on 05.15.2024

GRAND MASTER AND LEFT-WING GM Simen Agdestein - source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Simen Agdestein, born in Asker, Norway, on May 15, 1967. He was promoted to Grand Master at eighteen and finished second in the 1986 World Junior Championship. Throughout his career, Agdestein has won the Norwegian Championship nine times (the first in 1982, the latest in 2023!) and has represented his country in nine Olympiads, winning a gold medal in 1982. Simen reached his peak...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 14, 2024

Added on 05.14.2024

THE THINKER Wilhelm Steinitz (Prague 14/05/1836-New York 12/08/1900) source: Today, we remember the former world champion Wilhelm Steinitz, born in Prague, Czech Republic, on May 14th (some sources report May 18th) in 1836. Steinitz learned the game at twelve and honed his skills in the cafés of Vienna, becoming known as the "Austrian Morphy." He won matches against Anderssen, Bird, Zukertort, and Blackburne before embarking on the first official world championship...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 13, 2024

Added on 05.13.2024

THE MICHELANGELO OF LJUBLJANA GM Luka Lenic - Source: fb / Chess Association of Slovenia Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Luka Lenic, born in Ljubljana on May 13th, 1988. A student of the International Master Zlatko Basagic, he became the world under 14 champion in 2002 and placed second in the European under 16 championships in 2004. Four-time Slovenian champion, he has represented his country in various international competitions. Lenic reached his highest rating in January 2018 with...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 12, 2024

Added on 05.12.2024

SPASSKY'S COACH Igor' Zacharovič Bondarevskij (1913-1979) Photo: Joop van Bilsen - Nationaal Archief NL - source: Today, we remember Grandmaster Igor' Zacharovič Bondarevskij, born in Roston-on-Don, Russia, on May 12, 1913. Bondarevskij was appointed Grandmaster in 1950 when the title was officially established by FIDE.  In 1954, he earned the title of International Arbiter, and in 1961, he became a Grandmaster in correspondence chess.  In 1960, Bondarevskij became Boris...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 11, 2024

Added on 05.11.2024

THE FIRST LOSS Deep Blue, the supercomputer that defeated the world champion Garry Kasparov On May 11, 1997, a computer named Deep Blue proved superior to a human for the first time, defeating the world chess champion Garry Kasparov. Kasparov, born in 1963 in Baku, Azerbaijan, learned to play chess from his father and was already a prodigy at 6. Deep Blue was created in 1989 at IBM and designed by Chinese computer scientist Feng-hsiung Hsu and Canadian Murray Campbell. Hsu and Campbell met...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 10, 2024

Added on 05.10.2024

THE CULT OF HARIKRISHNA Losanna 2005: Pentala Harikrishna - source: chessbase archive Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna, born in Dorf Vinjanam Padu, India, on May 10th, 1986. Pentala was the world champion under ten and then under 20, and became a GM at 15, a record for India, recently surpassed by Gukesh. Harikrishna has represented India seven times in the Olympics, won the Commonwealth Championship in 2001, and the Asian Championship in 2011. A fixture in various...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 9, 2024

Added on 05.09.2024

THE TACTICIAN OF STOCKHOLM Karlovy Vary 1948: Gösta Stoltz (05/09/1904-07/25/1943) Source: Today, we remember Grandmaster Gösta Stoltz, born in Stockholm on May 9, 1904. Along with Gideon Stahlberg and his contemporary Erik Lundin, he formed a trio of aces that led Sweden to win silver and bronze at the Olympics, to which Stoltz added an individual gold and bronze in his nine appearances. Stoltz, a five-time national champion, also won the European Championship in...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 8, 2024

Added on 05.08.2024

THE SPANISH TAL Montilla 1976: Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Juan Manuel Bellon-Lopez, born in Valencia, Spain, on May 8, 1950. A five-time Spanish champion, he represented his country in eleven Olympiads between 1970 and 1992, winning a silver medal in 1978. Throughout his career, he defeated Spassky (in a simultaneous exhibition), Tal, Kortschnoi, Timman, Larsen, Gligoric, Hort, Beliavsky, Ribli, R.Byrne, Andersson, and...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - May 7, 2024

Added on 05.07.2024

THE FOLLOWERS OF MARAT GM Marat Makarov (07/05/1963-17/11/2023) - Source: Today, we commemorate Grandmaster Marat Makarov, born in Omsk, Russia, on May 7, 1963. Becoming a Grandmaster at thirty, Makarov reached his peak rating in July 1996 with 2560 Elo points. He defeated numerous top players throughout his career, including Kortschnoi, Beliavsky, Ehlvest, Krasenkow, Rublevsky, Zvjaginsev, and Smirin. Later, he specialized primarily as a trainer, coaching several promising...Full Story

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