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Happened Today in the Chess World - May 17, 2024


GM Goran M. Todorovic - source

Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Goran M. Todorovic, born on May 17, 1963.
Not to be confused with International Master Goran N. Todorovic, Goran M. won the Imperia Festival in Italy in 1986.
He achieved his peak rating in January 2004 with 2548 Elo points. Primarily a tactical player, Todorovic won a blitz game against Carlsen and has defeated notable players such as Gligoric, Eljanov, Cheparinov, I. Sokolov, Kozul, and Nogueiras.

Goran M. Todorovic (2465)-Vladimir Dimitrov (2520), Belgrade 1996
White to move


25.Rf7+! 1-0 Black resigns, as after 25...Qxf7, 26.Bb3 forces the loss of the Queen.

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