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Happened Today in the Chess World - May 24, 2024


Olympiad in Dubai 1986: GM Krum Georgiev - Photo: Caroline Winkler

Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Krum Georgiev, born in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, on May 24, 1958.
Krum became the Bulgarian Junior Champion in 1977 and tied for second place in the European Junior Championships in 1978.
He competed in the Bulgarian National Championship twenty times, winning first place in 1979 but losing the playoff match against Ermenkov.
Georgiev represented Bulgaria in six Olympiads, defeating Garry Kasparov in Valletta in 1980.
He achieved his highest rating in July 2000 with 2532 Elo points.
Over his career, he also secured victories against Kiril Georgiev, Miles, Tseshkovsky, Bologan, and Adorjan.

Georgiev (2210) vs. Popov (2450) - Bulgaria, 1975
White to move


34.Nxh6! gxh6 35.Bxh6! Bxh6 36.Qe4 Re7 37.Qg6 Qd2 38.Rh3 1-0

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