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Happened Today in the Chess World - May 7, 2024


GM Marat Makarov (07/05/1963-17/11/2023) - Source:

Today, we commemorate Grandmaster Marat Makarov, born in Omsk, Russia, on May 7, 1963.
Becoming a Grandmaster at thirty, Makarov reached his peak rating in July 1996 with 2560 Elo points.
He defeated numerous top players throughout his career, including Kortschnoi, Beliavsky, Ehlvest, Krasenkow, Rublevsky, Zvjaginsev, and Smirin.
Later, he specialized primarily as a trainer, coaching several promising young talents, among whom Nikita Vitiugov and Julia Demina have emerged.
His book "The Endgame" received flattering reviews.

Marat Makarov (2537)-Evgeny Iliuskin (2405), Novgorod 1999
White to move


27. Bh6! 1-0  

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