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Happened Today in the Chess World - May 9, 2024


Karlovy Vary 1948: Gösta Stoltz (05/09/1904-07/25/1943)

Today, we remember Grandmaster Gösta Stoltz, born in Stockholm on May 9, 1904.
Along with Gideon Stahlberg and his contemporary Erik Lundin, he formed a trio of aces that led Sweden to win silver and bronze at the Olympics, to which Stoltz added an individual gold and bronze in his nine appearances.
Stoltz, a five-time national champion, also won the European Championship in 1941, defeating the world champion Alexander Alekhine.
A mechanic ​​​​​by profession, despite his career being influenced by alcoholism, he managed, thanks to his tactical genius, to play memorable games, with victories over champions such as Bogoljubow, Maroczy, Flohr, Nimzowitsch, Marshall, Gligoric, Tartakower, Reti, and Spielmann. His successes against Capablanca and Alekhine are worth mentioning, both defeated in simultaneous exhibitions.

Vasja Pirc-Gösta Stoltz, Prague 1931
Black to move


22...d4! 23.O-O dxc3 24.Bd6 Qb2 25.Kh2 a5 26.Rb1 a4! 0-1

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