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Happened Today in the Chess World - Nov 22, 2023


Mar del Plata 1991: Mikhail Tal analyzes with Oscar Panno and Miguel Najdorf.
Among the spectators Hugo Spangenberg, second from left, and Julio Granda Zuniga, fourth.
Source: @davidllada

Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Hugo Spangenberg, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 22, 1975.
Hugo was the Argentinian champion at age 17 and became a GM at 20. He was a member of his country's Olympic team three times.
Spangenberg abandoned competitive chess early in his life to dedicate himself professionally to poker and backgammon. He got back to chess years afterward.
Among the super-GMs he defeated, there are even the three "K": Kasparov (in a simultaneous exhibition with clocks), Karpov (in a rapid match), and Kramnik.
Spangenberg reached his peak rating of 2565 Elo points in July 1997.

Hugo Spangenberg (2550) - David Calvisi, Mar del Plata 1997
White to move:


24.Qb6 Bc8 25.Nb5 axb5 26.Rxd8 1-0

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