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Happened Today in the Chess World - Nov 23, 2023


GM Karsten Müller - Source:

Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Karsten Muller, born in Amburg, Germany, on November 23, 1970.
Muller got a degree in Mathematics and obtained the GM title in 1998.
Muller participated several times in the German Chess championship, with his best result being in 1997 when he placed second.
Karsten reached his peak rating of 2558 Elo points in 1998. He retired from competitive chess long ago.
His notoriety is mostly due to his collaboration with Chessbase and his numerous published books, which consecrated him as one of the most excellent experts in the endgame.

Karsten Müller (2518)-Mathias Holzhauer (2407), Saarbrücken (German Championship) 2002
White to move



29. Qxd6 cxd6 30. Nxd6+ Kc7 31. Nxe8+ Kb6 32. Rb3+ Kc5 33. Bd6+ 1-0 Now White mates: 33... Kc4 34. Rb4#

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