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Happened Today in the Chess World - Nov 28, 2023


GM Rustem Dautov - Source:

Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Rustem Dautov, born in Ufa, Russia, on November 28, 1965.
Dautov was Soviet Champion U18 in 1983 and Belarussian Champion in 1986. Later, Dautov gained German citizenship and became German Champion in 1996.
He represented Germany in five Olympiads, with a Team Silver and two Individual Bronze medals.
Dautov reached his peak rating of 2636 Elo points in January 2002. Shirov, Aronian, Jussupow, and Judit Polgar are among the champions he defeated.
In the following game, Dautov beats the strong GM Kiril Georgiev, who was born on the same day of the same year.

Rustem Dautov (2620)-Kiril Georgiev (2605), Altensteig 1995
White to move


48. Nb6 Ra7 49. Nc8 Rxa6 50. Qxa6 Qxd5+ 51. Rf3 c4 52. Qd6 Qe4 1-0

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