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Release notes

ICC Dasher 1.5 Release notes

Release 1.5.8 - Release date: July 30, 2015

Release 1.5.7 - Release date: June 10, 2014

Release 1.5.6 - Release date: Jan 24, 2013

Release 1.5.5 - Build date: April 27, 2012 / Release date: April 28, 2012

Release 1.5.4 - Build date: November 21, 2011 / Release date: November 29, 2011

Release 1.5.3 - Build date: July 6, 2011 / Release date: July 6, 2011
(Changes since Release 1.5.2)

- Fixed crash on saving the configuration options. This issue was introduced in Dasher 1.5.2 and happened in many situations related to the Settings dialog.
- The configuration option enabling the acceptance of challenges from users with provisional rating does not randomly reset itself any more.
- Fixed incorrect checkmate sound announcement on certain check moves.
- Commands sent by the helpers to channel chat are converted to clickable links even if the command inside the double quotes is started with an otherwise redundant slash character, like: "/finger Someone"
- Delivering the Stockfish engine as well as Crafty with Dasher. The default engine is now Stockfish, but Crafty remains configured on upgrades.
- Added configuration option to show/hide the country flags on the score sheet. It is to accommodate users who found the new colored flags disturbing while playing games.

Release 1.5.2 - Build date: June 18, 2011 / Release date: June 21, 2011
(Changes since Release 1.5.1)

- Added Country flags for games and profiles (Hover your mouse over the flag to reveal the Country name)

- Implemented notification of new chat messages that are hidden behind other windows

Unread Chat

- Now Remembers the last server selected on login
- Server seletion now defaults to "Automatic" to try different routes if the first connection fails.
- Moved the pool buttons farther from the main menu items
- Grouped the "My..." toolbar buttons together for better organization
- Fixed UCI engine parsing issues
- Fixed problem uploading some PGN games to the server (examine mode)
- Fixed Installer to detect running application instance
- Do not mix up AI players and real chess server users

Release 1.5.1 - Build date: November 30, 2010 / Release date: December 1, 2010
(Changes since Release 1.5.0)

- Changes to improve translatability
- WCL version adds WCL channel
There are no new changes that affect users of the English ICC Dasher.

Release 1.5.0 - Build date: November 1, 2010 / Release date: November 2, 2010
(Changes since Release 1.4.1)

Revert to Main Line
Adds Revert to Main Line button in the board toolbar when in Examine Mode. Click on it to return to the actual game position after a side variation has been investigated.


Lecture Marks
Adds Lecture Marks button in the board toolbar when in Examine Mode. This brings up a menu for creating and deleting lecture marks on the board.

Lecture Marks Menu

To create a lecture mark, make sure the type of mark you want to make is selected and then either right-click or right-drag on the board to make the mark. To mark a particular square or piece, you should right-click the square or piece. To draw an arrow or to drag out an affected area, you should hold down the right mouse button while dragging.

Color of Marks... brings up a dialog for choosing a color. The color will be applied to the next square highlighted or arrow drawn.

With Undo Last Mark you can undo marks one by one until all there are no more marks to undo. Or Delete All Marks to get rid of them all at once.

Examine Commands
Adds Examine Commands button in the board toolbar when in Examine Mode. This brings up a menu of Examine Mode features that you'd otherwise have to type in commands to access.

Examine Commands Menu

Copy from Game... brings up a dialog where you can type a number of a current game. The current position will be copied into your examine board.

Copy Game

The keyboard shortcut for Copy from Game (Ctrl+G) is also available when you have a board open before you are in examine mode (as long as you are not playing a game.)

Set Game Info... invokes this dialog for setting all the PGN tags for a game:

Set Game Information

- Fixed bug in parsing data from the server that could result in occasional random characters in the console and possibly crashes
- Fixed bug with using the settimecontrol command. Previously if you used settimecontrol and then immediately saved a PGN, the new time control would not be correct in the PGN TimeControl tag


Release Notes for Dasher 1.4


ICC Dasher is Copyright (C) 2006-2010 by Internet Chess Club, Inc.