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Follow these three simple steps to play:

1. Visit

2. Click the MEMBER LOGIN button on the left menu. 

3. Enter your username and password and click Submit.

Once logged in games will begin automatically at the designated start times. No further action is required.

Important information regarding how to play

**If a player is not going to play a future round, or is withdrawing from the tournament, they must inform the Zoom TD at least 30 minutes before the next scheduled round, in order to avoid a forfeit loss.

PLEASE DO NOT FORFEIT BY LEAVING WITHOUT TELLING A TD. We want to make sure all players get to play every round!

****A helpful visual aid to this process is available at

Tournament Standings/Pairings 

During the tournament, the standings and pairings will be available during the event in real time on the ICC Grids at

----The above will help players log in to ICC and start their tournament games. Below lists other rules, guidelines, and procedures in more detail. This includes Zoom Rules and Requirements, Troubleshooting/Contact with TDs, Disconnection Policy, and appropriate Fair Play measures.

Zoom Requirements for Online Events:

2-Day Championship Sections:

 A side-rear view zoom camera is required, preferred is a double camera setup with video on showing the player in their playing environment with view of the screen. Players without a side/rear view will not be eligible for individual title, free entry prizes, qualification for future event, or count for team score for title. All players are required to be on zoom with at least one camera.

1-Day Class Sections:

Players must be visible on zoom with at least one camera during their tournament games, preferred is to have a side-rear view camera.



Guidance for joining Zoom Meeting Rooms:

·        Make sure to test Zoom by arriving early (~30 min) to the event. We also recommend attending a walkthrough of how to setup Zoom if this is offered during the week prior to the event.

·        Players may leave the Zoom area once they have completed their game for that round. They should expect to rejoin their Zoom meeting rooms 15 minutes before the next scheduled round.

Zoom Rules:

·        Players with the wrong Zoom requirements, not following zoom TD directions, or who are not present on Zoom will usually be given a warning before there is any penalty.

*****Being on Zoom and ICC is not the same thing! Players must be logged in to ICC as well as the Zoom call in order to play in the tournament.

Bathroom Policy:

For Online Regular rated play (G/25+5 & slower), up to two bathroom breaks are allowed per round. Additional bathroom breaks may be taken, but excessive breaks may be penalized at the tournament director's discretion and may be a factor considered in "fair play" measures.

Troubleshooting/Contact with a TD:

1.     If you have a problem during your game, or if you need a tournament director for any reason, you should take the following steps

a.      Contact the Zoom TD via the Zoom chat. The Zoom TD will respond and communicate with the player. Do not wait until the end of your game. If it appears your opponent has not moved for a considerable amount of time, the player should contact the zoom TD.

b.     Use the channel chatroom set up for the tournament (Channel 235)

c.      Parents/coaches should utilize the Chess Control Zoom room if necessary for direct contact with a TD. Parents of younger students may use chess control to help troubleshoot if option A is difficult.

d.     Email to

2.     If a TD needs to contact the player during the game they will take the following approach

a.      Contacting the player on Zoom via the Zoom chat

                                                              i.      Responding to the TD in a reasonable amount of time is the player’s responsibility

b.     Sending a “tell” (Message from a director) in ICC directly to the player. Usually, this will relay them back to the Zoom chat for more information

c.      Contacting the player’s via registration information

d.     Contacting school program/coach for contact info/assistance

  1. To Report a Fair Play concern, players should

a.      Report it directly to their Zoom TD for direct assistance.

b.     Send email to

c.      ****All Games are reviewed for fair-play analysis by the ICC Fair-Play Team.

Disconnection Policy:

Disconnecting before the start may remove you from the tournament. If you disconnect after the start, you will not be removed automatically, but you need to return as soon as possible, or the tournament directors will rule your game a forfeit loss.

If both players have made at least one move, and a player then becomes disconnected to the ICC server, the disconnected player must reconnect to ICC as soon as possible and type /resume in the main console. The players should make every effort to resume the game.

If a player’s opponent appears not to have moved for a long time, that player should advise the Zoom TD in their zoom meeting right away.  This could mean that one of the players is not synchronized with the ICC server during the game, even though it may appear to be the opponent’s move, it is the player’s clock that will continue to run. 

The Tournament Director may decide to award a rated win to the opponent of a disconnected or unsynchronized player, who has made at least one move in the game, before the time on that player’s clock has expired, if a reasonable amount of time has elapsed without reconnection to the ICC server.

Other Rules for Online Events

"FAIR PLAY" Measures

All games played in USCF rated tournaments will be analyzed using ICC's sophisticated anti-cheating tools. Such analysis will include, but not be limited to, comparing moves played to the recommendations of various engines. Players suspected of violating the Fair Play rules may: 1) have their results and any prize eligibility canceled 2) be banned from future play on ICC, 3) be banned from future events both online and over the board, and 4) be reported to the USCF Ethics Committee, leading to possible suspension of USCF membership.